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Time to Organize That Office

home office, Kelly's Kleaning is a cleaning business in the Leesport PA, Wyomissing PA, Sinking Spring PA, and Ephrata PA area that provides residential services like home office cleaning and more.

How many of you have an office in your home that could use a little bit of organizing? Many of us are too busy, and that’s when paperwork starts to pile up. Then when we need to find a certain item it ends up taking longer to find what we are looking for. Now that the weather is starting to get a little chillier, it’s a great time to spend some time indoors, organizing that office. Let’s discuss some ways you can organize.

Attack That Paperwork

It doesn’t take long for the paperwork in our offices to pile up. In a month’s time, the amount of paper that we receive through the mail from bills can be daunting. Now is the time to purge that paperwork and organize it. Have three piles as you go through: shred, file, and requires action. As you’re going through, you may wonder how long you need to keep certain documents. Follow this link for a reference guide on how long you should keep financial documents.

Set Up A Filing System

Once you have gone through all of your paperwork, set up a filing system… if you don’t have one already. If you know you’re going to need certain paperwork for tax season, keep it organized and together. This will allow you, throughout the rest of the year, to simply add new paperwork to this file. Then, come tax season, it will be less searching you need to do! Make it a point to file your paperwork monthly or bi-monthly. This will help reduce the risk of having to purge your office again!


Is your home office your catch all? If so, now is the time to declutter. Go through everything in your office and sort between three piles: keep, donate, and trash. As you’re organizing, if you find things that don’t belong in the office, put them away in their appropriate room. Once you’re finished, anything that is trash, take immediately outside to your trash! Anything that you are donating, put in your car and the next time you’re out and about, drop off at your local donation center.

One thing is for sure, depending on how long it’s been since you cleaned your home office, it will take time, especially if you have a lot of paperwork to go through. Consider tackling it over the course of a weekend, so you don’t get frustrated trying to do it all in one day and then giving up. Know that it’s going to take time and be prepared! In the end, you will be thankful you did!

Kelly’s Kleaning, LLC is a full-service cleaning company. We specialize in residentialcommercial, apartment move out and new home cleaning. We offer our cleaning services to individuals and businesses in and around Reading PA, Ephrata PA, Sinking Spring PA, and Leesport PA.

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