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Summertime Cleaning

wooden lawn chairs, Kelly's Kleaning provides summertime cleaning services to individuals around the Berks County and Lancaster County area.

Summer officially starts on June 21. Along with the hotter days and the bug-filled nights, there are plenty of things that you may have not cleaned during the winter months and will need to clean now!

Planning a picnic? You not only want to make sure your deck is clean but also that your outside furniture is cleaned as well. Get the powerwasher out and give everything the deep clean it needs. Also, if you intend to do grilling at your picnic, make sure your grill is cleaned and ready to go. No one wants to have their friends over and go to start the grill only to find out the propane is all out, or that the grill needs to be cleaned off before you can use it!

If you have a pool, this is one item you want to make sure you clean regularly, or else it can turn green! About once a week or so, depending on what is around your pool, vacuum it out and test the chemicals. Also, make sure to check the filter and the pool skimmers to make sure those are clean and working properly.

One last idea is to walk around the outside of your house. Inspect the siding and any fencing you may have. Make sure there isn’t any siding that needs to be replaced, and if it needs a good cleaning, get out the powerwasher again! For your fencing, make sure no trees, bushes, weeds, or other undesirable plants are growing. If you notice any unwanted items, you may be able to easily remove them with some shears or hedge trimmers. Some problems, such as a fallen tree, may require additional help. Also, if your fence is wooden, inspect it to make sure it is still in proper condition. You might even consider throwing on a fresh coat of paint!

As the temperature starts to heat up, you may not want to be outside working on these projects, but these are tasks that can easily be completed in the morning before the sun starts to really heat up!

Kelly’s Kleaning, LLC is a full-service cleaning company. We specialize in residentialcommercial, apartment move out and new home cleaning. We offer our cleaning services to individuals and businesses in and around Reading PA, Ephrata PA, Sinking Spring PA, and Leesport PA.

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