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Springtime Fun and Springtime Messes

muddy shoes on the carpet, Kelly's Kleaning provides seasonal cleaning services and has some tip for keeping your home clean in the springtime.

Springtime means the kids and pets will be going in and out, playing on the porch, tracking mud in, and making a bigger mess than when they were stuck inside during winter. You don’t have to follow through every day, but several times a week you should be managing the house and porch in case guests come over, or you want to relax without having a big mess staring you in the eyes.

When your child is done playing outside for the day, make sure they take the time to pick up any toys they may have played with and put them back in their original spot. This will help reduce toys being ruined, someone tripping over them or worse ending up under the lawn mower!

It’s not a bad idea to keep a storage bin separate for the toys that are played with outside.

Something you want to avoid is the mud and dirt from outside ending up all over your home! If you have a mudroom, that will make things easier for you. But if you don’t, here are a few ideas on how to keep your house mud and dirt free, while letting your kids and pets have the fun they want outside:

  • Set up a mat and place for shoes at the doors where they will come in. Don’t let them enter without wiping their shoes off, or even better taking their shoes off and putting them in their designated spot.
  • Be prepared for that wet dog. As the temperatures warm up, the sprinkler may come out and your dog will probably have as much fun as your kids! But before you let your pup back in the house, have a towel close and wipe them down, preferably outside. Make sure your children are wiped down and dry also! J
  • Sweep or vacuum the area at least once a week. This all depends on how messy the area could get. If it gets messy often, keep up with it. If you don’t, the dirt could end up being tracked farther into your house from socks or bare feet!

Although the days may seem bright and happy, you won’t be happy when you come home to find mud tracked in and the porch cluttered. Be sure to watch out and remind your family to help keep it clean!

Until next time, happy cleaning and happy spring!

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