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Simple Pool Cleaning Tips

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One of the greatest benefits of having a pool is getting to enjoy it as often as you please. However, its cleanliness is all your responsibility. A filthy pool is not something anybody should be exposing his or her body to, so maintenance is necessary. You can make it cleaner and more enjoyable with less stress by following some of these tips!

Skimming – Using your hand or a skimmer to scoop the floating leaves and bugs on the surface of the water, can not only make your pool appear instantly cleaner, but will make cleaning other parts of it easier.  To catch dirt, hair, and other small floating debris, try wrapping old pantyhose around the skimmer’s basket.

Vacuum it weekly in order to reduce the amount of chemicals you would need to put in it.

Filter cleaning – Having a completely clean pool filter may seem like a good idea, but completely cleaning the filter of all dirt actually impedes the filtration process. A small amount of dirt in the filter actually helps catch other particles that the filter might miss.

Maintain water level – Evaporation and rain will change the water level of your pool, so always check that the water is the appropriate level. Leaks could also affect the water level, so check for leakage by using the bucket test. Fill a plastic bucket ¾ full of water and mark the water level in the inside of the bucket. Float the bucket in the pool and mark where the pool water level is on the bucket. Wait a couple days and check if the water level decreased the same amount. If not, you may have a leak.

Baking soda – Baking soda is a great way to reduce the pH level if it is too high. It can also be mixed with water to create a paste you can rub into tile and grout.

Tennis balls – Not only are they for catch, but they can help clean your pool! The material tennis balls are made of absorbs oils well, so throw some of them in your pool to get rid of the oils that build up from skin and sunscreen.

Maintaining your pool may not be what you want to do most of this summer, but by using these tips regularly, you will improve its cleanliness and lessen the burden of any larger pool clean out. And until next time, happy cleaning!

Kelly’s Kleaning, LLC is a full-service cleaning company. We specialize in residential, commercial, apartment move out, new construction and new home cleaning. We offer our cleaning services to individuals and businesses in and around the Reading area.

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