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Remove Negativity From Our Lives

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In this month’s blog, we’re going to go on a bit of a different route than our normal cleaning tips. It’s safe to say, our world is filled with way too much negativity, so let’s take the beginning of this year to remove some of that negativity and clean up our lives. Here are a few ways:

De-clutter Your House

Ok, don’t think I tricked you by saying we’re taking a different route in this blog, we are! But to also clean up your life and have more positivity, your house needs to be clean. In fact, we geared a whole blog around the benefits of keeping a clean house! It’s no lie, a clean house will help you feel less stressed.

Add Beauty to Your Home

Once you’re finished de-cluttering your home, add some fresh flowers and plants. Having fresh flowers and plants in your home can actually help reduce stress, boost your mood, and boost your memory, just to name a few benefits! All of these are ways to help reduce negativity in your life and encourage positive thinking.

Get Rid of Bad Habits

Do you have bad habits that you know are bringing you down? Maybe it’s poor eating habits, or watching too much TV, or spending too much time on social media. It’s time to work on getting rid of them. Obviously, that is easier said than done, but creating a strategy will help.

For poor eating habits, purge your cabinets, get rid of all of the food that is unhealthy for you and fill your cabinets, fridge, and freezer with food that is good for you and that you’ll enjoy. Spend a little time on Pinterest; you’ll find healthy and tasty snacks!

For watching too much TV, allow yourself a certain amount of time to watch and then turn the TV off. Pick up a new hobby or two that will help keep you from watching TV. Some great ideas are reading or even crossword puzzles to work your brain!

For spending too much time on social media, download an app that will actually track your usage on apps and can help make you more aware of the time you spend on your phone and help you reduce it.

Purge Your Social Media

While we’re talking about spending too much time on social media, and on your phone, let’s discuss social media as a whole. It may be time to purge your accounts. Do you really need to be friends with that guy from high school who you don’t even talk to anymore, but is constantly posting negative stuff? NO! Go through your friends list and remove anyone that does nothing but post negativity.

Take Time to Relax and Clear Your Mind

Once a day, take 10 minutes or so to just relax and clear your mind, push out all of the negativity and just breathe. Listen to soothing, calming music to help!

By doing these steps, I hope you’ll be able to remove negativity from your life and live with more positive thoughts. We’ll get back to really cleaning our houses next month!

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