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Plants That Help with Indoor Air Pollution

house plants reducing indoor air pollution

Have you ever thought about the air quality in your home? You may not realize it but indoor air pollution is just as bad as, if not worse than outdoor air pollution. Living in a home with poor air quality can end up being harmful to your health.

One way to clean the air in your house and eliminate indoor air pollution is by adding houseplants! Certain houseplants have the ability to remove toxins and air pollutants from our homes. They can also add to your decorations! Let’s discuss a few houseplants you may want to consider adding to your home.

Aloe Vera – Two for the Price of One!

Not only will an Aloe Vera plant help to remove toxins from the air, but also the gel from the aloe leaf can help with cuts and burns. Keep this plant in a kitchen window that gets lots of sun, so it’s close by in case of any kitchen burns.

Snake Plant

A snake plant is a perfect plant to add to your powder room or bathroom. This plant rids the air of the harsh chemicals that are found in cleaning products, tissues, toilet paper, and personal care items. It also thrives on minimal light.


Bring some color into your house with this plant! This beautiful plant can brighten a room with its vivid colors, while also removing indoor air pollutants. Make sure to keep this plant by a window that gets lots of light!

Spider Plant

A spider plant is great for those who don’t have a green thumb. These hardy plants are not only difficult to kill, but they can remove carbon monoxide among other chemicals from the air. Put this plant in a room that doesn’t get too terribly hot and avoid over-watering it.

Whichever plants you decide to add to your home, be sure it’s something you can take care of and it will benefit your home’s air quality!

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