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New Year Habits to Pick Up

good new years cleaning habits to start

With a new year, many people try to take on big resolutions they probably won’t get around to accomplishing. However, this list of simple cleaning tips is easy to make into daily habits and can lead to a cleaner home.

Wash dishes immediately – As you use them, clean all of your dishes to reduce piles in the sink. This is especially importantly if you or your family grab something to eat separately, as all the dishes used will end up sitting out until the cleanup after a big family meal.

Shower scrub – After you take a shower –  or even during it if you want to stay warm – take a moment to wipe off any gunk you find so it doesn’t build up over time. Just take a rag or sponge and wipe down the walls and floor of the stall, and throw away any hair sticking to the walls or in the drain.

Put clothes away – As you go through the day, don’t leave that jacket on the chair or those socks on the floor. If you take something off, make sure it goes either back where it belongs or in the laundry.

Organize mail – Each time you get a pile of magazines and bills, sort through and put them in a place where they can be found quickly, like a bookshelf or paper tray. This keeps them from lying around everywhere and reduces the chance of losing something important.

Quick clean – Before going to bed, take a walk around your home and tidy things up. Get the whole family involved and just clean for 10-15 minutes. Maybe the kids could clean up their toys, your partner could finish laundry, and you could touch up the kitchen. This way, everybody gets something done and can crash in bed afterwards.

If you integrate these little tips into your daily habits, your home can feel cleaner and take less time and effort to clean for visitors or events.

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