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Let’s Talk Kids and Toys!

clean toy room for children - reading pa

Let’s be honest! If you have young children … chances are your house can be a mess at times. If you’re fortunate enough to have a playroom, you sometimes can keep the mess to that room. But even so, as many of us walk into that playroom, we may find ourselves cringing from the site. Then when the days come where we have to actually clean that room, it’s not preferred that’s for sure! So, how can you keep that playroom organized? It may take some time on your end, but we have a few tips!

When was the last time you went through all of your children’s toys? It’s probably safe to say that for most of us, it’s been awhile. Take the time to go through every bin or box and purge. If there are toys that are broken – throw them away or if there are toys they haven’t played with for a LONG time – put them in a container to sell or donate.

Once the toys have been sorted and some have been eliminated, assess the room. If you find that you need a bookshelf or cube organizers determine what is needed. After you have everything you need, set up the room and organize as you go. Make sure each group of toys has their own spot. If you have multiple kids, separate the toys so that all of one child’s toys are in one organized section, and all of the other child’s toys are in another organized section.

Keep it Clean
We know what you’re thinking. After you did all of this work as soon as your children step foot into that room, it will be destroyed. Well, make it a point, at the end of the day before your children go to bed, to have them clean up. Keep them interested by making it a game!

In the end, your playroom will be cleaner and your children will be able to find that one toy they want to play with but can never find! Once your toy room is clean and organized, sit back and enjoy an adult beverage, you deserve it!

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