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Let’s Finish Up that Fall Cleaning!

Kelly's Kleaning is a cleaning business in the Reading, Leesport, Wyomissing, and Sinking Spring area that provides residential services, commercial cleaning, new home cleaning after construction has finished, and more cleaning services for individuals and businesses.

In last month’s blog, we discussed organizing and cleaning as you go. Now that you have the hard part done, let’s get down and dirty and finish your fall cleaning!

  • Wash your windows. On a cloudy day, get out your window cleaner and get to work. Why a cloudy day? It allows you to make sure there are no streaks. Also, take down and wash any window treatments. Just make sure to check the labels before washing!
  • Clean ceiling fans and light fixtures. Show of hands, how many of you clean your ceiling fans and light fixtures often? Not many, I’m sure. Well, now is the perfect time! You might be surprised as to how much dust has collected there since you last cleaned them.
  • Clean walls and cabinet doors. You may not notice it, but walls can get very dirty, so fill a bucket with warm, soapy water, grab a rag and get to work! If you didn’t wipe down the cabinet doors last month, do it now!
  • Dust everything. Take your time and make sure you dust everything, especially – any areas you may not normally dust when you do your normal cleaning!
  • Shampoo those carpets. Yes, we all vacuum our carpets regularly, but that doesn’t mean you’re getting all of the dirt out of them. Don’t have a carpet shampooer? No problem! Head to any local grocery store and you can easily rent one. You will be surprised how much dirt comes out of your carpet!
  • Head outside for a few minutes. Do a quick fall clean up outside by cleaning out your gutters, cleaning the patio furniture, and draining and storing your garden hose. Or – give your hubby a honey-do list while you finish up the inside!

You can now jump for joy! Now that your fall cleaning is finished, your home is organized and super clean! Now all there is left to do is grab a glass of wine, sit back, and relax!


Kelly’s Kleaning, LLC is a full-service cleaning company. We specialize in residential, commercial, apartment move out and new home cleaning. We offer our cleaning services to individuals and businesses in and around the Reading area.

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