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Holiday Cleaning Schedule

closeup of a clear christmas ornament on a tree with metal decor on the inside

Whether or not you are having a few family members over this year, you still want to make sure your home is clean for Santa’s arrival! While you may not think you have the time, doing a bit each day leading up to the big day will actually make it an easier process. Below is a simple cleaning schedule to follow, we even threw in a few of your holiday tasks to help you get them done ahead of time.

December 20th:

  1. If you’re finished with your shopping, take time to wrap today. Get the wrapping done and out of the way before you even start to think about cleaning. Once your wrapping is done, put all of those supplies in their proper place so they are out of the way!
  2. Walk around your house and make a list of your cleaning tasks. Especially take notes about the major rooms. For Christmas, you’ll want to make sure your living room, dining room, and kitchen are the cleanest.
  3. While you’re making lists, do some meal prepping. Determine what your family will be having for meals that week and also what you will need for your holiday meal.
  4. Check your cleaning supplies and inspect your fridge and pantry. Get your shopping list in order and head to the store to get everything you’ll need to get you through the week and the holiday. Planning ahead will help reduce the amount of times you need to run out during this very busy shopping season, especially this year.

December 21st:

Today we’ll keep it simple and give you one task on the cleaning schedule, clean!! Spend some time cleaning your kitchen, dining room, and living room. Yes, you’ll need to follow up the day before, but by doing a deep clean early, it will save you a lot of time later in the week!

December 22nd:

While this year is definitely different, many won’t have the typical full house as normal. If you do have some out-of-town guests coming in, get the guest room ready today. Make sure to change and clean the sheets and leave a fresh towel on their bed. Check out one of our past blogs on how to really make them feel welcomed.

December 23rd:

  1. Do you have any baking or cooking you can do early? Get it done today! Focus on getting those cookies, pies, and cakes made. Also, if there are a few casseroles you can make early, whether for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, do it today!
  2. Once you’re done cooking and baking, don’t forget to clean! Sweep and mop the floor, wipe down the countertops, and clean the stove.

Christmas Eve:

No one has time to clean on Christmas Day, and since many have traditions (even though they may be a little different this year) on Christmas Eve, do one last clean. Since earlier in the week you took care of the deep clean, just go through and give everything a last wipe down and vacuum.

Christmas Day:

  1. Celebrate the day with your family!
  2. If you are having family come over, just remember to do a quick sanitizing wipe down before they arrive!

December 26th:

Did you think you were finished with the cleaning schedule?!? 😊

Christmas Day can always be a whirlwind. You may not be able to get all of the cleaning up done or overlooked something in the chaos. Take time to do a bit of cleaning today.

  1. Walk around and make sure all of the trash is picked up.
  2. Do a quick vacuuming and dusting in any room that was used.
  3. Give your stove top and oven a quick clean.
  4. Sit back and relax with a glass of wine or cup of coffee while you watch your children enjoy their new toys!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Kelly’s Kleaning!


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