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Decorate Your Porch for Fall

Porch of a house decorated for halloween

Fall is officially here and with that it’s time to bring out those pumpkins, mums, haybales, leaves, and all things orange and brown! Spend a free weekend decorating for the fall season and let your porch be the talk of the town.

Before you start decorating, be sure to clean up. Take time to put away any items you won’t be using and then sweep your porch and sidewalk. While you’re at it, take the time to clean the outside of your windows. It’s best to be able to start with a clean slate!

Once you have the porch ready, assess all of the decorations you already have in your possession and come up with a theme and focal points. Maybe you are a Halloween nut, and want to focus on Halloween; or maybe you love incorporating leaves into your fall decorations; even more maybe you’re a pumpkin fan; or, maybe you just want to include all things fall! Whatever you decide, make a list of what items you will need to create your beautiful porch.

A few great decorating ideas include:

  • Pick out a wreath for your front door that matches the rest of your theme.
  • Use crates to give height to your decorations.
  • If you have the ability, go beyond your front porch and line your walkway with pumpkins, mums, or even stalks of corn.
  • Utilize the beautiful colors mums come in. Generally, you can find them in red, orange, white, yellow, bronze, and even lavender. Pick up one or all of the colors and incorporate it in your decorating.
  • Decorate pumpkins. Instead of carving (they only last a few short weeks), pull out some finger paint and let your kids decorate a pumpkin using colorful paints.

However you decide to decorate your porch, have fun doing it and enjoy the fall season!

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