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Clean Your Kitchen Like a Pro

rubber gloved hand wiping down a counter with a sponge

If you spend your evenings cooking dinner for your loved ones, you want to have a clean and sanitized kitchen! Sometimes cleaning your kitchen can be daunting, but it’s got to be done! I have a few great tips to help keep your kitchen spotless, and clean your kitchen like a pro.

1. Start at the stove. If you’re an avid cooker, the stove is most likely the dirtiest part of your kitchen. By starting at the stove, you will get all of that grease and dirt gone before you move onto other parts of the kitchen.

2. Sanitize your sink. Did you know a dirty sink has more bacteria than your toilet seat? Take time once a week to disinfect your sink. First, clean it with soap and water; then spray on a mist of vinegar, followed by a mist of hydrogen peroxide. Let it air dry. (Note: Don’t combine the vinegar and hydrogen peroxide together; spray them on separately.)

3. Love your dishwasher. Once a week, clean the outside of your dishwasher with a damp sponge that has baking soda on it. Clean the inside by running an empty cycle with a dishwasher cleaner.

Fun Tip: Do you have stubborn stains you can’t get out? Run an empty dishwasher with Orange Tang and it will take the stains right out! (Note: This only helps to remove stains, not to sanitize.)

4. Disinfect your sponge. Every night take a few minutes to squeeze out your sponge and microwave it on high for one minute. As soon as your sponge starts shredding and smelling, throw it away!

5. Disinfect your garbage disposal. If you have a garbage disposal, you know there will be odors from time to time. To get rid of those odors and to keep it clean, drop in a cut up lemon, salt and a few ice cubes and run your disposal. Not only will it disinfect it but it will also make it smell great!

6. Tackle your floors. Sweep your kitchen floor every night at the end of the night. Then once a week mop it up. By sweeping it nightly you will pick up any dirt that could end up getting caked on the floor – dirt you would really have to scrub later to get off. Save your arms by doing a quick sweeping each night!

By utilizing these cleaning tips with your normal cleaning schedule, your kitchen will always be spotless and sanitized – which is what we all want!


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